Planning the Perfect Party

These days entertaining has become more popular and what better way than to entertain your guests than with a bottle of wine or two or three . . .

At Weavers we are on hand to help you choose your wines, whether it be for a dinner party with a few close friends or a more spirited affair such as a 21st birthday party.

Dinner Party

When entertaining your friends over a dinner party it is important that your choice of wine makes an impact. We are delighted to offer advice and help to ensure that you have choosen the right wines and quantities to accompany your dinner.

Birthday Parties and Drinks Receptions

When choosing wines for birthday parties or drinks receptions it is important to select wines which appeal to all rather than just your favourites. Keep your choice simple. For example, not everyone may enjoy big heavy clarets or a heavily oaked chardonnay. However, easy drinking wines from the South of France or the New World would have a broader appeal to your guests.

Quick Guide to Quantities

We will happily give advice on the types of wines and quantities needed for your party. Here we have prepared a rough guide to help you plan:

- Consider the type of party you are having e.g. lunch time drinks or evening reception
- What time of day and day of week is your party
- How many people are coming and who will be driving

Depending on the answers to the about questions work to the following equation.

- Estimate the number of glasses of wine to be consumed e.g. Evening drinks reception 2 glasses per head
- 'Number of people' x 'Estimated number of glasses', e.g. 75 people x 2 glasses per head = 150 glasses
- 'Estimated number of glasses' / '6' (6 glasses to a 75cl bottle) = 12.5 bottles
- Allow for excess consumption
- 18 bottles divided between reds and whites

This equation is based on red and white wine consumption. You can apply the same formula for a champagne or sparkling wine reception.

Sale or Return

We are pleased to offer our sale or return service for parties within our delivery area. We will simply collect your unopened bottles of wine.