Wines to do the Italian Job

  • Miopasso Fiano, SicilY
    Miopasso Fiano, Sicily, 2015

    Refreshingly crisp and gentle honey fragrance....

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  • Miopasso Nero d'Avola, Sicily
    Miopasso Nero d'Avola, Sicily, 2015

    Concentrated aromas of pepper, spice and fresh...

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  • Roveglia Lugana Limne
    Roveglia Lugana Limne 2016

    A fresh stone fruit dominated palate leads...

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  • Lenotti Colle dei Tigli
    Lenotti Colle dei Tigli, 2015

    A complex dry white wine which is full in the mouth...

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  • Lenotti Rosso Passo
    Lenotti Rosso Passo, 2014

    A soft, medium bodied red with classic Italian...

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  • Carlomagno Fiano
    Carlomagno Fiano, 2016

    Full and fruity on the nose with intense tropical...

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  • Carlomagno Appasimento Primitivo
    Carlomagno Appasimento Primitivo, 2015

    This wine is made by crushing partially dried...

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  • Fedele Bianco, Terre Siciliane, 2016
    Fedele Bianco, Terre Siciliane, 2016

    Fedele Bianco is an enjoyable, everyday drinking...

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  • Fedele Rosso, Terre Siciliane, 2016
    Fedele Rosso, Terre Siciliane, 2016

    Fedele Nero d'Avola has a wonderful structure, yet...

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