Winemaking in Tasmania is a challenge owing to the ferocity of the weather, a situation it has in common with Canada, and it is no coincidence that these far-flung places enjoy success with the very same vines. Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Riesling are all at home here and have produced outstanding results.

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Production remains erratic and limited, however, and Tasmanian wine looks likely to remain the beautiful, unpredictable wallflower of the all-conquering Australian wine industry.

Styles of Wines

There is a distinctly French feel to the style and refinement of Tasmanian wine.  The cool conditions are inclined to provide structure and balance and stop the fruit from running away with itself.  The grapes have lent themselves well to sparkling wine as well as elegant varietal stills.

Climate and Conditions

Low temperatures and strong winds are an abiding challenge, but these can be compensated for by pure air, good soils and a supply of water so plentiful it could turn mainland Australia greener than a grape with envy.  Achieving a moderate balance between all of these factors is the prime concern for the Tasmanian winemaker.

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