Jean-Marc Brocard is the son of a farmer in the Côte d’Or and is married to Claudine, of a winemaking family in St-Bris- le-Vineau near Chablis. The Brocard winery is impressive; built in stages from 1980, it houses temperature-controlled stainless steel fermentation tanks, with not a barrel to be seen; Brocard falls firmly in the ‘no oak’ camp and almost all the production is Biodynamic, if not organic. Jean-Marc Brocard has established himself as a top producer of Chablis since humble beginnings in 1972, when he first built his cellars. He tapped in to the vast experience of his family members in the region before starting on his own path, and the wine is a product of that combination between vast knowledge and the innovation of a young Jean-Marc. These days he shares the workload with his son Julien, and the innovation of another young man is now shining through, Brocard will never be a name associated with standing still.