Champagne Gosset

Always a star at any tastings. Gosset, based in Aÿ, is the oldest House in Champagne. Although heritage is important, innovation and the continuing pursuit of excellence play a primary role today. At Gosset they mature their wines significantly longer than the legal requirement, which helps, along with the suppression of the malolactic fermentation, to create wines with distinctive depth of flavour.

One of our favourite producers of any wine, the House of Gosset produces Champagne that has all the hallmarks of a hand-crafted wine. The bottle reflects the tradition, with Gosset still presented in the same flask as it has been since sparkling wine was first produced in Aÿ during the eighteenth century. The House was at the cutting edge of its production then, and it remains so to this day. Champagne that celebrates the marriage of tradition and innovation. 

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