August / September

Hi, and welcome to the latest Weavers Wine Club selection.

 This time around I’ve decided to really mix it up and go for a broad range of different styles. I think this is one of the best ways for me to introduce different things to our Wine Club Members and also for you to experience all the things that the world of wine has to offer. Read More

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Personally I love the two Gewürztraminers, they’re great wines, but they’re also an example of a grape variety people don’t always go for. You know me well enough by now to understand why I love sending you wines that fit this criteria. Beyond this we’ve got some brilliant South African wines and a great white Rioja. I hope you enjoy the selection, as always we love the feed back so please let either Chris or myself know your thoughts.

 I know that some of you have been trying the range of liqueurs that we have available to taste at the shop and I’m pleased to announce that we will be expanding the range  and continuing the free samples. There’s some really whacky stuff coming in now (those of you who have tried the Rhubarb and Fig liqueurs will testify to this no doubt) and Don has informed that there’s even a pink grapefruit flavour on its way. Please feel free to pop in and try some of these new products, even if you’ve not got a sweet tooth there is some great stuff to give a go.   

 I hope this case finds you in good spirits and that you enjoy the selection. 


Philip Trease



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