A White From Bairrada

A White From Bairrada

I make no apologies for the Iberian influences in this months selection of wines and when you try this white from this quaint region of Bairrada in central Portugal you will see why I like to these quirky wines.

Maria Gomes (the name of the grape) is made by one of Portuga's most highly regarded producers Luis Pato. 

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He loves to work with the indgionous grapes and produce wines that are a true expression of the region this is one of such wines.

Bairrada, Ancient Roots Modern Wines

The Bairrada region is one of the oldest vineyard regions on the Iberan pinisular. There is evidence that wines made here during the Roman times we sent back to be consumed in the Imperial Court in Rome. Today, the wines are sent to far more import people, Weavers customers!

Renowed for both reds and whites local grapes are used such as Bical and Maria Gomes for the whites.  The red we will leave for another day.

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