A Wine with a 'Duriference'

A Wine with a 'Duriference'

Sorry about the corny title for this section, I could not resist it. We have been working with Campbells for sometime and love the way their wines express the fruit of the region. Some wine club members my be familiar with the Liqueur Muscat, an amazing sticky dessert wine they also produce.

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Durif is a complex grape found mainly in Australia and California. In California until recently the grape had been mistaken as Petit Syarh. Despite this, the grape was created when botanist François Durif crossed two vines (Syrah and Peloursin) in his native France in the early 1800s.

The style of wine it produces is full bodied, rich, and almost black in colour. This example from Campbells is softer and rounder than its limited release big brother Rutherglen Durif, which, because it's on allocation, we only get from time to time.

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