Co-fermentation, a Trick of the Trade

Co-fermentation, a Trick of the Trade

I first came across this term some years ago, when a proud Aussie winemaker told me about the process.

I have since found that co-fermentation has been used for years in the Northern Rhone valley in particular the Cote-Rotie.

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Co-fermentation differs from normal blending which requires grapes to be blended together once the wine is made. It originally dates back to the time when growers produced field blends, this is where white grapes are planted with red grapes in the knowledge that the white grapes would soften the harsh tannins in the red wine when the grapes were pressed and then fermented.

Shrinking Violet is new to our range and shows how producers still honour the old techniques when producing their new wines. You may remember the Le Malbec which starred in Summer's Case. Well this wines is made by the same winemaker and shows just how talented he is.

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