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An Old Favourite From Victoria

An Old Favourite From Victoria

It's been some time since we included a wine from the Sunnycliff range in the Wine Club, and I must apologise for the omission as I'd forgotten just how good the wines are! I guess it's easy to get carried away with new wines sometimes and forget those that have been a stalwart of the Weavers portfolio for years. 

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    • Origin
    • Australia
    • South Australia
    • Victoria
    Features a bouquet of ripe plums with hints of liquorice and black pepper. Full on the palate with a subtle oak support and a lingering finish. Read More
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The truth is that there is a reason why they stay - vintage after vintage we taste the wines and all agree that the wines are great, so we continue to list them. It's testament to the consistent quality that the wines go unnoticed - if that makes some kind of sense?!

Mildura, 150 Years of History

You wouldn’t recognise the Mildura wine region where Sunnycliff is made 150 years ago, arid and scrubby, it was essentially a no man's land. During the 1880s it was transformed into the agricultural oasis that it is today thanks to the irrigation techniques of the Californian Chaffey Brothers. Encouraged by the Australian Prime Minister they helped create what is now a beautiful wine growing region. The Sunnycliff range is a real favourite of the Weavers team and Director Mary has been personally involved in making it what it is today.

Whilst we have been forced to reduce the Australian range due to lack of consumer demand, the brand has yet to suffer. The wines offer fantastic value for money too and I think it will survive the current trend that has hit ’everyday’ Australian wine the hardest. The reason is simple, they didn’t compromise or cut corners, they continued to make approachable wine at a sustainable price. I wish others had followed their example.

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