Vicuna Cabernet Merlot

When looking for an everyday wine that will not break the bank it’s important to find one that is soft and fresh. Cheaper wines that try and do too much always fail and the consistent climate of the Central Valley allows for vast production, which keeps the cost down, and the long periods of sunshine and a clean atmosphere deliver fresh fruit flavour.


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The wine takes its name from the Llama type camelid that is indigenous to South America. Once protected by Inca law, stringent conservation laws enacted in 1974 have seen their population recover from about only about 5,000 to a much healthier 1/3 of a million.


Central Valley

The first vines to be planted here were with cuttings from Bordeaux and this has naturally meant the reds produced here are dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

The climate here is very consistent which is the main reason why Chile can boast such high levels of production.

Being so close to Santiago has benefitted the Central Valley as big business has brought a lot of investment to the area.



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