A Wine For Those That Enjoy A Slower Pace of Life

The Slowine wines are a permanent fixture in the Weavers range and I’m always impressed by the quality at this price point. I think they sit in juxtaposition to the 7even wines whilst also clearly having similarities shared by many South African wines. The punchy fruit is there but with a touch of minerality also, just delicious.



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The tortoise that you’ll see on the label is not only native to this part of South Africa but also an indication of the wine-making process. Everything is done at the right pace and not rushed, this means that the wine is also proof that the slow and patient approach gets the best results. The tortoise will only be seen moving at a quicker pace when there is danger or when he is giving chase to a female. This sums up the approach of the winery: patient, but willing step up the pace when absolutely necessary!


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