An Old Friend With A New Wine

Weavers has a long-standing relationship with Guntrum Wines, dating back to the 70s. In fact Don, our shop manager, remembers some interesting anecdotes from his visit in the early 1980s. I’ll leave it up to you whether to ask him about them or not as they’re a little risqué. The Gewürztraminer I’ve chosen for this month’s selection is new and I was impressed by the quality, although not surprised. It’s a delicious and also interesting wine.


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The Louis Guntrum family has been growing grapes and making wine since 1648, with Louis Konstantine currently at the helm. Brought up at the winery, he spent many of his younger years working in the vineyards and still finds time to be part of this crucial process as well as heading up sales and marketing for the firm.

Louis Konstantin Guntrum is the 11th generation to manage the estate. He oversees traditional winemaking and vineyard practices whilst utilising modern equipment such as stainless steel fermentation tanks. Konstantin and his family are very welcoming and happily show their wines and historic cellars to all guests (as Don will tell you).


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