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Sake and Chocolate?!

Ok, if anyone is still wondering what the curveball I was referring to is... this is it! Putting Sake into a Christmas case would probably be deserving of that title anyway, but at Weavers we like to take things a little further, so we’ve gone for a plum infused Sake. It is a versatile drink that can be drunk chilled, at room temperature or slightly warmed - see what works best for you.


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    • Origin
    • Japan
    After being marinated for 6 months the fruits are removed from the tank then Shiraume Umeshu is left to age for a further 2 years. A rich and sweet Sa... Read More
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Chris popped in to see our friends at Chocolate Utopia on Friar Lane armed with a bottle and set them the task of matching it to some chocolates. After much deliberation and tasting (tough job, I know!!), they decided upon the four that are in your wine packs. Chris assures me the chocolate truffle works best, Chocolatiers Chris and Robin (pictured) preferred the Tonka. He didn’t save me any chocs, so I have no opinion! He has been reprimanded

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