White Claret, Semillion in all but Name

For the most part, we associate Claret with red wine. However, about one quarter of the wine produced here is in fact white. Those of you who are more acquainted with Bordeaux will know it for the quality dessert wines, such as sauternes, that they produce here also.

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 What perhaps you haven’t tried is the dry whites that they make, such as the one I’ve included in this month’s case.Nearly all wines made in this style will contain a high proportion of Sauvignon Blanc, with a touch of Semillon sometimes also added. ‘Entre-Deux-Mers’ translates as ’between two seas’, and is so-called because of its geographical position between the Dordogne and the Garonne. The wines are typically fresh and hearty showing best when accompanied by seafood. They are untypical because of the higher Semillon content, of the wines.


The Semillon grape is used in the production of many famous dry and sweet wines in France and Australia. Semillon makes great wine for aging and is often paired with Sauvignon Blanc, noticeably in dry white wine, to compensate for Sauvignon Blanc’s inability to age well and to provide a fuller palate feel in young wine.



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