Good Old Aussie Cabernet

McLaren Vale, the Clare and Eden Valleys, Padthaway and, most prestigious of all, Coonawarra are the key regions of South Austrlia and are all synonymous with fine red and white wines that compete with the best of the Old World whilst maintaining an identity all of their own. Read More
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Australian wine seems to be experiencing a bit a downturn over the last few years and, whilst I’m enjoying the more level playing field, I really don’t want it to be overlooked. There’s a place for the new and exciting as much as there is for tradition and I now think that Australian Cabernet falls into this traditional category.

 Coonawarra is at the heart of wine-making in South Australia and the Riddoch range is named after its founder John Riddoch for good reason, it is archetypal Ozzie Cabernet: Big, full-bodied with firm tannin and delicious cassis flavour, just amazing!    

John Riddoch, ‘father of the South-East’, was instrumental in the growth of this region. His role in the introduction of the railway there was central to growth of the wine industry. 


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