Malbec Suitable for Aging

 Typically this grape produces wine with aromas of blackberry and black cherry fruit. It can produce good-value young wines but equally it can make elegant and soft wines when it is allowed to mature.

I decided to drop this Malbec into the Weavers range because I thought it was important to have Malbecs that represent the traditional style as well as the modern.

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The growing popularity of this grape is, for the most part, based upon the younger, fresher and fruitier styles. Those of you who have tried the Zohar or Pampas Malbecs will no doubt testify to their quality, and also their approachable and versatile character. I’ve got my fingers crossed that you’ll like this wine as it’s much more austere in style and does require a bit of bottle aging to get it to its best.


Whilst there is less fruit upfront than some of the wines you’ll be used to from Argentina, you should find  it more complex as the tannin has had a chance to soften as much as the fruit. You don’t come across wines like this that often in the UK, which is why I love it, I hope that this appeals to you too.


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