Classic Chardonnay

Classic Chardonnay

Perhaps the title for this article should be 'Classic Style Chardonnay'. These days if I were to mention the word oak and drop the name Chardonnay in the same sentence then most customers would run a mile. Yet let customers taste the wine and it does the talking, which is the case with this wine, not only that but this wine is a perfect Christmas dinner accompaniment.

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I often use the saying that oak should be used in wine making as salt is used in cooking, you should detect it but not taste it. Unfortunately, these days oaked wines have the reputation of the New World styles that came in in the 80s trying to replicate the 'Classic Burgundian' style. Yet people do not bat an eye lid when buying say a classic Meursault which is made of Chardonnay and is oaked, it just that the French do not like to tell you. 

This example, from Rustenberg, is a wine that has heritage. The estate was founded on 1862 by the German Roelof Pasman who was one of the first people to identified the regions wine growing potential. This Chardonnay spends 12 months in new french oak which adds a touch of creaminess to the wines style. 

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