The LIttle J Story

The LIttle J Story

Looking back at my notes from five years ago when we first introduced the Little J wines to our Wine Club members, I'm really pleased that the wines managed to live up to the hype that I gave them. It's crucial with wines that have such a strong indigenous character that they also have the approachability to appeal to a broad range of tastes. I think that is the reason for the success of these superb wines. 


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The Little J Story

The wiens are produced at the the Sonnhof Estate which dates back some 700 years with the first written accounts of wines being produced at the Sonnhof monastery. In 1868 the Jurtschitsch family purchased the estate and over 150 years of wine making in the family started. 

Today, three generations are involved in this family run business to ensure that the estates traditions are aligned with the influences of new technology.  Winemaker Paul Jurtschitsch explains “every parcel of grapes that comes to our cellar must be in perfect condition for vinification. This requires space and high precision equipment.”  In 2000 they constructed their ‘terrace cellar’ where the clever layout of the winery allows for the gentlest and most harmonious way for making wine where the juice flows through each stage of wine making by gravity so there is no need for the use of pumps.

The Little J programme was thought up by Paul who wanted to produce a wine which reflects the natural flavours and character of two of Austria’s main grape varieties Gruner Veltliner and Zweigelt.

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