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The Black Wine of France

The "Black Wines" of Cahors have one of the longest histories of all the wines in France with the first recorded production dating back to 50BC. These ancient Roman wines were highly regarded throughout the empire and were consumed all the way from Russia to England. 

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    • Origin
    • France
    • Cahors
    A bold and full-bodied Cahors with firm tannins and luscious dark cherry fruit on both the nose and palate, which are supported by savoury aromas of m... Read More
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The story of Cahors is not without tragedy however, as there have been numerous trials and tribulations along the way. In the 1880's Cahors was hit particularly hard by the great French wine blight which destroyed large areas of vineyard which needed re planting. This was further compounded in 1956 when a particularly harsh frost which necessitated almost every vineyard to start entirely from scratch. This tragedy does however come with a silver lining as it was at this point that research was done into finding the best plots in the region on which to plant the perfect grape varieties.The wines of Cahors get their unique character from careful plantings of the Malbec grape which accounts for 90% of the vineyard area and must make up a minimum of 70% of the blend. This can be supported by upto 30% of Merlot or Tannat. The result is brilliantly full bodied, heavily concentrated wines for which the region is now famous for.

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