Barbaresco is within Italy's Piedmonte region, lying north east of Barolo. While it was over shadowed by Barolo, it did not enjoy the privilege of royal approval within Italy. However it is now considered just as good as the more famous neighbour & using the same grape, Nebbiolo. 

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Barbaresco was awarded DOCG status in 1980 and the growing areas are concentrated in Barbaresco, Treiso, Neive and Alba. 

Vines & Styles

While red wine and the Nebbiolo grape dominate, Barbera and Dolcetto are also cultivated here. Moscato is the only white grape grown in the area. Nebbiolo grown here is still tannic, a characteristic trait of the grape, and at it's best is intense,flamboyant and aromatic. These wines are at their best between five and ten years of age. Compared to the Nebbiolo from Barolo, Barbaresco tends to be slightly lighter bodied. 

Climate & Conditions

The Continental climate is dominant here, influenced by Tanaro river which tempers the sun's heat and adds humidity. The soils are limestone marl, providing good drainage and moisture retention in the hot summers. The vineyards are about 200-400m above sea level. Importantly, Nebbiolo ripens earlier than Barolo here, allowing them to be drunk slightly younger than neighbouring Barolo. 

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